Fast Textile – the largest textile trade fair in Europe!

The 4th edition of the Fast Textile International Textile Fair was held from November 16 to 18, 2017 at the Ptak Warsaw Expo, and confirmed its significant position among events organized around the world. Manufacturers and importers from around the world showed their latest collections of textiles, knitwear, fabrics and tailoring accessories. The latest sewing, printing, cutting machines, embroidery machines and other machines for the clothing industry were presented. The exhibitors offered visitors a series of specialist articles, store equipment and interior decoration for the spring / summer season 2018.

This autumn, 400 exhibitors had the chance to show their best products and services to business and retail clients. During the three days of the exhibition, 27,000 visitors were filled in by the Trade Fair and Congress Center Ptak Warsaw Expo. Buyers appreciated high quality fabrics
and machines, an affordable price offered especially for Fast Textile and a diverse range.

Special zones were prepared for exhibitors and visitors, the most interesting of them are five International Pavilions, including China, Turkey, Taiwan, Italy and the Netherlands, two exclusive Trend Zones containing beautiful arrangements of exhibitors’ products in C and D halls, and furniture exhibitions from the Fair Partner Agata Furniture.

The attractions were also meetings with well-known Polish designers Maciej Zienie and Rafał Michalak. Maciej Zień advised on how to develop his collections to be sought after on the market. Rafał Michalak, a designer known from the MMC duo, gave a lecture on trends in design for the spring / summer season 2018.

The first meeting with the organized machine was very popular
through UltraMachina. Participants had the chance to learn the secrets of sewing on the machine and meet with Jan Leśniak, the author of many thematic books, his latest work is How to sew skirts and dresses. Jan Leśniak conducted workshops on which were sewn backpacks with a beautiful heart embroidered on and beauticians made of waterproof paper from Fabryka Karolina. Another accompanying event was haberdashery workshops, during which ladies and gentlemen adorned their favorite parts of their wardrobe.

At the Textile Forum, prominent experts from the most well-known companies, conducted workshops and trainings concerning, inter alia, innovation in textile, ecology of textiles, legal requirements and normalization in children’s clothing or renewable raw materials in innovative textile. Specialists represented the Cotton Chamber, the Textile Research Institute, the Textile Institute of Manchester, Świat Druku, the Marshal’s Office and the TRIZ management of innovative textiles.

The most coveted and anticipated moment was the distribution of Fast Textile Diamonds awards to exhibitors during the evening Gala of Business. Winners in individual categories have been:

The best Polish exhibitor: Colourama Sp. z o.o.
Best foreign exhibitor: Quality Textiles
Trend Wizard: Sonia Textile
Product of the year: Alubest
New year: Allcomp
Innovative solution of the year: TEXPOL
Awards received:

Euro Textil Uniwersal
Knipidee International B.V.
During the evening gala there was also the The Best of PtakModa awards – the winners in each category were:

The best product: Astra
The best collection: Bergamo
The best producer: King
Distinction: M & M
Distinction: Martex
A novelty during the 4th edition of Fast Textile was the selection of the most beautiful stand among exhibitors. Visitors had the opportunity to vote, who during the fair were voting for a tailor-made stand. On the last day of the fair, the official counting of votes and the winner was chosen, the fight was fierce because the two companies particularly won the hearts of visitors: Euro Textil Uniwersal and Wikoria, which eventually won the beautiful statuette.

The event was a huge success, the exhibitors conducted hundreds of contracts and commercial transactions. Fair participants can not wait for the next edition, and the organizers will try to make this edition even better than the recently completed one.

We would like to invite you today to take part in the next edition of the Fast Textile International Textile Fair, which will take place from November 15-17, 2018 in Ptak Warsaw Expo!