Promote yourself at Fast Textile

Dear Exhibitor!
The International Textile Fair is a unique opportunity to promote your company! Do you want your stand to be visited by as many people as possible? We will help you make your customers know that you are part of Fast Textile!
Below, STEP by STEP, we explain how to make your customers know about your presence at the 9th EDITION INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE FAIR and Packaging!

1. Place our banner in your e-mail footer and in the footers of your company’s employees
2. Post in your Social Media channels and on the website information that you will be at the Fast Textile and keep reminding about it!
3. Send a mailing to your customer base that they will be able to see your company at the Fast Textile
4. Inform your customers through your Social Media channels about what is waiting for them at your stand! (what brandy? what products? what attractions?)
5. Prepare a special offer for 9th EDITION INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE FAIR and inform your customers about it via Social Media channels and mailing.
6. Place the linked banner of the Fast Textile on your website
7. Share everything you have prepared for Fast Textile with our team! Send us a list of products, promotions, premieres or attractions present at your stand during 9th EDITION INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE FAIR (send all materials to the following e-mail address:
8. If you need materials about our fair, below is a list of files to download.

Download banner



Download logoFast Textile




If you needed more write to us and we will try to help! Only by working together can we be successful.