Highlights at Fast Textile

Outstanding experts from the most famous companies will conduct workshops and industry training, sharing their experience in the field of modern technologies and specialized strategies in the industry.

The Fast Textile International Textile Fair in cooperation with Sewing.Bloggers.Poland and Janek Leśniak’s Pracownia, during the next edition taking place on November 20-22, 2019, prepared an interactive space for visitors, fans and sewing amateurs. In the zone with an area of ​​over 1000 m2, workshops, meetings, and discussion panels will be held, and the space will be surrounded by promotional areas of companies participating in the event. It will be a real celebration for sewing enthusiasts!

During the workshops, participants will learn how to prepare a “sandwich” for quilting, learn simple patterns that will embellish patchwork, and finally sew their own portrait or stylized meadow. The classes will be conducted by Anna Sławińska – she has been sewing patchworks for over 35 years. She had thirteen individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad, she also took part in several dozen collective patchwork exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Are you going shopping at the bakery? Take your bag with you!
Linen, as an airy and natural material, is perfect for storing bread. Even for several days, it will keep our bread fresh, full of flavor and prevent the formation of mold.
The linen bag also has aesthetic value, because it looks beautiful in any kitchen. In addition, sewing such a bag is a great way to reduce the consumption of plastic bags. The bag is easy to make and even a beginner can handle it. Each workshop participant will have the opportunity to personalize his bag with graphics cut on a plotter.

The competition for sewing and fashion influencers will be a real challenge. The skills of cooperation, sewing and styling are what count in the competition! The competition pair is tasked with designing and sewing the interpretation of the A-line skirt and presenting the silhouette styling using this skirt during the 6th edition of the Fast Textile International Textile Fair on November 22, 2019 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.
Participants can submit their applications ONLY until September 30, 2019, registration will start soon on www.fasttextile.com
The pairs of finalists are waiting, among others a semester of study and courses in styling, design and photography at the Krakow Artistic Schools, and prizes for the author’s book Pracownia Jan Lesniak.
The organizers are: Fast Textile International Textile Fair, Ptak Warsaw Expo, Sewing.Bloggers.Poland and Krakow Art Schools.
The partners are: Pracownia Jan Lesniak, Fabric Shop, Impall Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.K. and DOUSA Sewing Machines Jacek Wojasiewicz.
It will be a real celebration for sewing enthusiasts!

What to bring with you? The most important thing is a smile. All the rest is provided by Papavero! All the necessary materials for sewing unique clothes will be waiting for you.

You have nothing to wear? There is a way!
All you need to do is choose a beautiful fabric and sew a completely new garment in a few moments!

The Trend Zone is a presentation of the latest designs of fabrics, knitwear and accessories from Fast Textile Exhibitors. The exhibition is presented on suspensions or modern furniture with lighting.

On Wednesday, November 20, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in a meeting with the author of the books “About Sewing, simply, creatively and fashion” and “How to sew skirts and dresses”. Janek, as always with humor and distance, will talk about the backstage of working on the latest book, about where he gets ideas and energy for the next projects and why he thinks that an evening at the sewing machine can be better than a visit to a psychologist. Note be warned! You can catch the sewing bug.

On Thursday, we will talk about things that every sewingoholic knows from his own experience. Full schedule below and in the Facebook event.

Kamila Słoninka is often delighted in her work at how fun it is to work as a stylist. After all, it’s just dressing people in clothes and knowing the trends! It is often a much more complex topic, but what exactly is this work about, what is the basic knowledge needed to get started? Kamila will answer these and other questions during the workshops taking place during the Fast Textile Fair.

We cordially invite you to a beautiful patchwork exhibition during the 6th Fast Textile / 6th Fast Textile Fair to Ptak Warsaw Expo on November 20 – 22, 2019‼
Five informal patchwork groups operating in Poland will show their works:
◾ Patchwork Cokolwiek Pomorski
◾ Patchwork Dolnośląski
◾ Patchwork Małopolski
◾ Patchwork Mazowiecki
◾ Patchwork Wielkopolski
The most beautiful patchworks in one place in Poland at Ptak Warsaw Expo‼

Many people interested in sewing meet only online, we want to change that! So far, on the initiative of Sewing.Bloggers.Poland, three intimate Meetings in the Circle of sewingoholics have been held, during which the #Serving Value initiative was born. Thanks to cooperation with Fast Textile, we managed to open the Circle of Szycioholików for all fans and amateurs of sewing. On the last day of the fair, we invite you to a great meeting of the sewing community. Join us, meet other sewing enthusiasts, let’s talk live about what we have in common. The fun will be great!

“Upholstery and Renovation with a Master of Craftsmanship” If you want to learn how to breathe new life into a forgotten piece of furniture, be sure to come to the Fast Textile fair
Sign up for @akdesign upholstery and furniture renovation workshops!

Sewing for show is the second edition of a unique fashion show organized by Fabrics Karolina and ultraMaszyna together with partners Burda Polska and Fast Textile International Textile Fair. During the event, 40 sewing enthusiasts will present their clothes created on the basis of patterns from Burda Style, special editions of Burda Style or I love sewing. Each of the participants will sew unique accessories for the show from Karolina’s Fabrics.

This event brings together many original inspirations regarding fashion, construction, sewing and design. Young designers, designers, representatives of Exhibitors, sewing hobbyists, foreign and start-up visitors can present their greatest achievements, offer and show that Polish design is as attractive as foreign. The event will feature an Open Stage for schools and representatives of sewing and construction courses from all over Poland. We will answer the question – Where in your area can you learn to sew and design?

On the occasion of the premiere of his latest book, Janek Leśniak will conduct workshops on sewing the object of female desire of the Perfect Handbag.

Workshops on the construction and modeling of light clothing forms such as T-shirt, dress with a sleeve, raglan, kimono. Each participant / s will develop a construction grid with modeling on himself in accordance with anthropometric dimensions.
The workshop will be based on a proprietary structure developed by Dr. Ewa Bujak

Do you want to sew a kidney sachet or use unused / too small / perforated jeans wisely? It’s best if you want both things at once, because Joanka-z will be waiting for you with open arms! Take your jeans under your arm and come meet us at the machine. During the workshops, we will sew kidneys – sachets, giving a second life to dusty pants! Joanka-z, as an admirer of recycling and creative squeezing possibilities from unused items, encourages you to bring a piece of fabric for the lining in addition to jeans (e.g. an old shirt, tablecloth, pillowcase), and if you have it, even a ready, unused belt! Let’s get creative by creating a new bag in the spirit of #upcyklingu and #zerowate.

We cordially invite you to participate in the next edition of the charity workshop sewing a Lair for a shelter. We will operate for three days during the autumn edition of the fair, from November 20 to 22. This time we sew for me with the heart of the Blind Cats Help Foundation.
Learn to sew, share your passion and create colorful bedding with us. Creating a lair is divided into several stages with varying degrees of difficulty, so each pair of hands is worth its weight in gold. Take your family, friends and acquaintances with you!

Sewing is great fun for you, but you are afraid that what you sew is not professional enough to show it to others, let alone at the exhibition!

Or maybe … sewing is your life and you dream about your works being presented at shows or creating exhibitions?
Or maybe…
…do you dream about having contact with celebrities?
…do you dream of taking part in a fantastic competition in which you will turn into a designer?
In a competition in which celebrities also get involved, where, in addition to great materials, you will use the celebrities’ wardrobe to create your design, which will be part of an exhibition that will be seen by visitors from all over the world?

If so, this contest is just for you!

A competition for anyone who can iron. If you are the owner of a clothing production company and you have a master of ironing among your employees – this competition is for you. The main prize (PLN 20,000) and the splendor of having a Master of Ironing in the team fall on the company registering the player. The winner will receive PLN 10,000. The application may be made by the company or the competitor may apply individually. We invite you for 2 days of emotions at Fast Textile. Apply