Fashionable trip around Ukraine

Fashionable trip around Ukraine

We cordially invite you to the show as part of the Business Forum Fashion Bridge Ukraine - Poland

We have the chance to get to know Ukraine and open up to its cultures through various fields of art: clothing design, filmography, music and direction.

Each region of Ukraine has its own specificity and diversity. That is why creating one holistic image as one united state is so important. This message is very important given the tense political situation in this part of Europe.

On the stage we will see a show of a collection of 12 clothing designers from 12 different regions of Ukraine by a designer and social activist - Gołda Winogradskoj

So far, the show has been presented in three countries: the United States, Canada and Tunisia.

Ptak Warsaw Expo The 5th edition of Fast Textile
23.11 at 14.20
15.00 B2B calls are starting